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dokku: Remove an app.
$ dokku apps:destroy ${app_name}
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The command "dokku apps:destroy ${app_name}" is used in the Dokku command-line interface (CLI) to delete or destroy an application deployed on a Dokku server.

Here is the breakdown of the command:

  • "dokku" refers to the Dokku CLI.
  • "apps:destroy" is a specific command within Dokku CLI that is used to destroy an application.
  • "${app_name}" is a placeholder for the name of the application you want to destroy. You need to replace "${app_name}" with the actual name of the application you want to delete.

By running this command, Dokku will permanently delete all associated resources and configurations for the specified application from the server. This includes removing the application container, deleting any persistent storage or databases associated with the app, and clearing any environment variables or configurations specific to that application.

It is important to note that this operation is irreversible, and all data and configurations associated with the application will be permanently lost. So, make sure you double-check the application name before executing this command.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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