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duf: List accessible devices.
$ duf
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The "duf" command is a Linux utility that stands for "Disk Usage Free Utility." It is used to display information about the disk space usage on your system in a more user-friendly and easy-to-read format.

When you run the "duf" command, it scans your file system and provides a summary of how much disk space is being used by each directory and file. It shows the total size, percentage of disk space used, and the number of files within each directory.

The output of the "duf" command includes a hierarchical representation of directories, with the largest ones displayed first. This helps you identify which directories or files are taking up the most space on your disk, allowing you to better manage and optimize your storage.

Overall, "duf" is a handy tool for monitoring and understanding the disk usage on your system, particularly when you want a simple and intuitive representation of the disk space consumption.

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