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gnome-extensions: List all the installed extensions.
$ gnome-extensions list
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The command "gnome-extensions list" is used to list all the installed GNOME Shell extensions on a Linux system.

GNOME Shell is the graphical shell of the GNOME desktop environment, and extensions are add-ons that can modify or enhance its functionality. These extensions can customize various aspects of the desktop environment, such as the appearance, the taskbar, the system tray, or provide additional features.

By running "gnome-extensions list", you can see a list of all the extensions that are currently installed and enabled on your system. The list will include the name and the unique identifier of each extension. Additionally, the "Enabled" column indicates whether the extension is currently enabled or disabled.

This command is useful to quickly check the status of your installed extensions, especially when you want to manage or troubleshoot issues related to them.

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