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gprbuild: Build a project (assuming only one `*.gpr` file exists in the current directory).
$ gprbuild
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The command "gprbuild" is a build tool command used primarily in the Ada programming language. It is part of the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) suite of tools provided by AdaCore.

The main purpose of "gprbuild" is to compile and link Ada programs. It reads a project file (with a ".gpr" extension) that describes the structure and dependencies of the project, and then performs the necessary actions to build the specified targets or project components.

Here are some key aspects of the "gprbuild" command:

  1. Building from a project file: "gprbuild" requires a project file that describes the structure of the project, including source files, dependencies, compilation options, and target outputs. The project file typically has the ".gpr" extension.

  2. Target selection: The project file usually specifies one or more targets to build. A target can be a single executable, a library, or other project components. By default, "gprbuild" builds all specified targets. However, you can also specify particular targets to build by providing their names as arguments to the command.

  3. Dependency management: The project file contains information about dependencies between various project components. "gprbuild" uses this information to determine the order in which components should be built. It ensures that prerequisites are built before their dependents, reducing the chances of build errors due to missing dependencies.

  4. Compilation and linking: "gprbuild" performs the necessary compilation steps to compile Ada source files into object files. It then links these object files along with any required libraries to produce the final executable or library specified by the project.

  5. Configuration options: "gprbuild" supports various configuration options specified in the project file. These options can control different aspects of the build process, such as optimization levels, debugging symbols, target architecture, and more. It provides flexibility in customizing the build according to specific requirements.

Overall, "gprbuild" is a powerful command-line tool for building Ada projects. It simplifies the build process by automating compilation, dependency management, and linking based on the project file's specifications.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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