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salt-call: Perform a highstate on this minion.
$ salt-call state.highstate
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The command "salt-call state.highstate" is used in SaltStack to apply the highstate pillar data to the targeted minion.

Here's what happens when the command is run:

  1. "salt-call" is the command used to execute SaltStack modules on the local minion. It is similar to executing salt modules on the salt-master.

  2. "state.highstate" is one of the built-in SaltStack execution modules. It instructs the minion to apply the complete highstate pillar data.

In SaltStack, a state consists of a set of instructions that define how a system should be configured. Highstate refers to the top.sls file, which contains a high level overview of the desired system state. The highstate file includes references to other files and states that should be applied.

When "salt-call state.highstate" is run, the minion contacts the salt-master to fetch the highstate data. The salt-master matches the minion's ID with the corresponding configuration in the top.sls file, which defines the desired state for the minion.

The salt-master then sends the specified state to the minion, which starts applying the changes. The minion compares the current system configuration with the desired state specified in the highstate data, and makes the necessary changes to ensure the system matches the desired state.

Overall, "salt-call state.highstate" is used to enforce and apply the system's desired configuration, ensuring consistency across multiple minions in a SaltStack environment.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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