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jmeter: Run a test plan in nongui mode using a specific JMeter property.
$ jmeter --jmeterproperty ${key}='${value}' --nongui --testfile ${filename}.jmx
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This command is used to run a JMeter test in non-GUI mode with specified properties.

Here is a breakdown of the command:

  • "jmeter": This is the command to execute JMeter.
  • "--jmeterproperty ${key}='${value}'": This option is used to set a JMeter property with a specific key-value pair. The key is represented by "${key}" and the value is represented by "'${value}'". This allows you to pass custom properties to your JMeter test.
  • "--nongui": This option tells JMeter to run in non-GUI mode, which means the test will be executed without opening the graphical user interface of JMeter.
  • "--testfile ${filename}.jmx": This option specifies the test file to be executed. The test file is represented by "${filename}.jmx". The ".jmx" extension indicates that it is a JMeter test plan file.

Overall, this command sets a JMeter property, runs the test in non-GUI mode, and specifies the test plan file to be executed.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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