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lorem: Print the specified number of words.
$ lorem -n ${20}
try on your machine

The command "lorem -n ${20}" appears to generate lorem ipsum text with a specified number of paragraphs. However, it seems to contain an error related to the variable notation.

Assuming you intended to use the variable correctly, it would depend on the programming or scripting language being used. In some programming languages, such as JavaScript or Python, the "${...}" syntax is used for string interpolation or variable substitution.

For instance, if you were using JavaScript, the command "lorem -n ${20}" could be part of a larger script where "${20}" is meant to be replaced with a specific value. The resulting command might look something like this: "lorem -n 20", where "20" represents the number of paragraphs you desire. The "lorem" command would then generate the requested number of lorem ipsum paragraphs.

Keep in mind that without additional context or knowledge of the specific environment or language in which this command is being used, it is difficult to provide a precise explanation.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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