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npm-home: Open the npm page of a specific package in the web browser.
$ npm-home ${package}
try on your machine

The command "npm-home ${package}" is used to find the directory where a specific npm package is installed on your system.

Here, the variable ${package} needs to be replaced with the name of the npm package for which you want to find the installation directory. For example, if you want to find the installation directory of the "lodash" package, the command would be: npm-home lodash.

When you run this command, npm looks for the specified package in the global node_modules directory on your system and returns the path of the directory where it is installed. This can be useful when you want to locate the files of a specific package or when you need to reference the package's installation directory in some other task or script.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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