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po4a-translate: Convert a translated PO file back to a document.
$ po4a-translate --format ${text} --master ${path-to-master-doc} --po ${path-to-result-po} --localized ${path-to-translated-txt}
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The given command is using the po4a-translate tool to translate text from a master document to a localized translation file using the PO (Portable Object) file format.

Here is an explanation of the command's options and variables:

  • po4a-translate: This is the command to invoke the po4a-translate tool.


  • --format ${text}: Specifies the input format of the master document, which is expected to be in a plain text (text) format.

  • --master ${path-to-master-doc}: Specifies the path to the master document that needs to be translated. The master document contains the original content to be translated.

  • --po ${path-to-result-po}: Specifies the path to the resulting PO file. The PO file is a translation file format commonly used in software localization.

  • --localized ${path-to-translated-txt}: Specifies the path to the translated text file where the translated content will be saved. The translated text file is typically in a plain text format.

Note: ${text}, ${path-to-master-doc}, ${path-to-result-po}, and ${path-to-translated-txt} are placeholders for the actual values or paths that need to be specified by the user based on their specific requirements.

Overall, this command serves the purpose of translating the content of a master document to another language and saving the translation in a separate file.

This explanation was created by an AI. In most cases those are correct. But please always be careful and never run a command you are not sure if it is safe.
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