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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool a2query. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


a2query is a command line tool that is a part of the alsa-utils package in Linux. It is used to query the status and information about ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) sequencer ports and clients.

This tool provides a convenient way to retrieve various details related to ALSA sequencer like the available clients, ports, and their associated properties. It displays information such as the client ID, client name, port ID, port name, type of port, and its capabilities.

a2query helps users to troubleshoot sound-related issues by allowing them to check the status of the ALSA sequencer and identify any potential problems. It is particularly useful when working with complex audio setups or MIDI applications that rely on the ALSA sequencer for routing and controlling audio data.

It provides a command line interface with various options to query specific aspects of the ALSA sequencer. Some of the commonly used options include listing all the available clients and their corresponding ports, getting detailed information about a specific client, or checking for the existence of a particular port.

By leveraging a2query, users can gain insights into the current state of the ALSA sequencer and ensure that it is properly configured for their audio needs. The output generated by a2query can be parsed and utilized in scripts or other command line tools for automation purposes.

Using a2query, system administrators and audio developers can quickly gather relevant information about ALSA sequencer components and use that data to make informed decisions and diagnosis. It helps in maintaining and troubleshooting audio systems efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

List of commands for a2query:

tool overview