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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool addpart. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Addpart is a command line tool primarily used in Linux systems to create new partitions on a disk. It is a part of the parted software package, which provides various disk partitioning and manipulation utilities.

The addpart command allows users to add a new partition to an existing disk, specified by the device name or path. It provides flexibility in creating partitions of different filesystem types, including Linux, Windows, macOS, and more.

When using the addpart command, users can specify the partition number, start and end sector values, as well as the partition type. This gives precise control over the size and location of the new partition.

Addpart also supports various partition table formats, such as MBR (Master Boot Record), GPT (GUID Partition Table), and APM (Apple Partition Map). This allows users to work with different disk formats and partition styles.

Before using addpart, it is recommended to understand the existing disk layout and ensure that data integrity is not compromised. Creating new partitions may involve resizing or moving existing partitions, so it is crucial to have backups before performing any partitioning operations.

Addpart can be particularly useful when automating disk partitioning tasks or configuring multiple systems in a consistent manner. It can be integrated into scripts or deployment processes to create partitions on multiple disks simultaneously.

The addpart command supports both interactive and non-interactive modes. Users can choose to provide the necessary information interactively, or they can pass command line arguments to perform the operation without user intervention.

Addpart is a powerful tool for managing disk partitions, but it requires proper usage and caution to avoid data loss. It is recommended to thoroughly review the documentation and understand the implications before using it.

List of commands for addpart:

  • addpart:tldr:ced75 addpart: Tell the kernel about the existence of the specified partition.
    $ addpart ${device} ${partition} ${start} ${length}
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