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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool anbox. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Anbox is a command line tool for running Android applications on a Linux system. It creates a container-based environment that emulates the Android operating system. With Anbox, users can run Android apps without the need for an emulator or virtual machine setup.

Anbox uses the Linux kernel to enable the execution of Android applications directly on a Linux system, providing a seamless experience. It allows users to utilize the same Android apps they are familiar with on their Android devices.

This command line tool is built using LXC (Linux Containers) and incorporates various components like Binder, Ashmem, and more, to provide the necessary infrastructure for Android app compatibility.

Anbox supports various app stores, enabling users to easily install and manage Android applications on their Linux system. Additionally, it integrates with the Linux system, allowing Android apps to interact with the native Linux environment.

With Anbox, users can benefit from the ability to multitask and run Android apps side-by-side with native Linux applications. It provides a windowed environment for seamless integration of Android apps into the Linux desktop.

Since Anbox utilizes Linux Containers, it offers better performance compared to traditional Android emulators. It also provides access to the Linux file system, making it easier to transfer files between the Android and Linux environments.

Anbox is an open-source project that is actively maintained and developed. It has a growing community of contributors who provide support, bug fixes, and new features.

Users can easily install Anbox using package managers available for their specific Linux distribution. Once installed, they can start using Android apps right away without any additional configuration.

Anbox allows developers to test and debug their Android applications in a native Linux environment, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems or emulators.

Overall, Anbox simplifies the process of running Android apps on a Linux system by providing a container-based solution that seamlessly integrates the Android environment with the Linux desktop.

List of commands for anbox:

  • anbox:tldr:06ba3 anbox: Launch Anbox into the app manager.
    $ anbox launch --package=${org-anbox-appmgr} --component=${org-anbox-appmgr-AppViewActivity}
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tool overview