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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool androguard. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Androguard is an open-source command line tool used for analyzing Android applications. It provides various features for reverse engineering, malware analysis, and vulnerability assessment of Android apps. It allows users to inspect the inner workings of APK files and perform tasks like decompiling bytecode, analyzing DEX files, extracting information about permissions, activities, services, and much more.

Androguard has a powerful scripting interface that allows users to automate analysis tasks and customize the analysis workflow. It supports both static and dynamic analysis techniques, making it suitable for both security researchers and app developers. The tool also integrates with other popular malware analysis frameworks, such as VirusTotal and Yara, to enhance the analysis capabilities.

Some of the key features of Androguard include:

  1. Decompiling and disassembling APK files to retrieve source code, resources, and manifest information.
  2. Analyzing DEX files to identify classes, methods, and their relationships.
  3. Examining permissions, activities, services, broadcast receivers, and other components of an app.
  4. Detecting potential vulnerabilities, insecure coding practices, and other security-related issues.
  5. Extracting and analyzing network requests made by the application.
  6. Visualizing call graphs, control flow graphs, and other advanced analysis techniques.
  7. Supporting advanced scripting capabilities using Python, enabling users to automate analysis tasks or create custom analysis modules.
  8. Integrating with other popular malware analysis tools, such as VirusTotal and Yara.

Androguard is widely used by security researchers, mobile app developers, and security professionals for analyzing Android apps and understanding their behaviors, vulnerabilities, or potential malicious activities. Its extensive feature set, flexibility, and community support make it a favored tool in the field of Android application security analysis.

List of commands for androguard:

  • androguard:tldr:1a13e androguard: Decompile Java code from an app.
    $ androguard decompile ${path-to-app-apk} --output ${path-to-directory}
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  • androguard:tldr:7e0ae androguard: Display Android app manifest.
    $ androguard axml ${path-to-app-apk}
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  • androguard:tldr:b83f6 androguard: Display app metadata (version and app ID).
    $ androguard apkid ${path-to-app-apk}
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tool overview