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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool ansbile-inventory. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


ansible-inventory is a command line tool provided by Ansible, an open-source IT automation platform. It is used to dynamically generate an inventory of hosts that Ansible can work with.

The inventory file in Ansible typically contains a list of host names or IP addresses along with their corresponding connection details such as SSH username, SSH private key, and other variables. ansible-inventory takes this information either from a static inventory file or from a dynamic inventory script.

By using ansible-inventory, you can list and query hosts, groups, and variables defined in the inventory file. You can also filter hosts based on various criteria, such as by group name, IP address, or custom variables. This command line tool provides a way to inspect the inventory data and retrieve specific information about the hosts and their configuration.

It can be helpful for tasks like troubleshooting, debugging, or performing ad-hoc commands on specific hosts or groups. Additionally, ansible-inventory can be used in conjunction with other Ansible tools and modules to automate complex IT operations and manage infrastructure efficiently.

List of commands for ansbile-inventory:

  • ansible-inventory:tldr:9fe9a ansible-inventory: Display a custom inventory.
    $ ansbile-inventory --list --inventory ${filename_or_script_or_directory}
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tool overview