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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool backlight_control. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The backlight_control command line tool is a utility that allows control of the backlight brightness of a display on a computer or mobile device. It is commonly used in operating systems like Linux, Unix, and some Windows distributions.

The tool enables users to adjust the backlight brightness based on their preferences or specific needs, such as reducing eye strain or conserving battery power. This can be particularly useful for devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

backlight_control typically provides a range of brightness levels that can be set using numeric values or predefined options like minimum, maximum, or specific percentages. The command can be executed through the terminal or included in scripts to automate brightness adjustments.

It often requires superuser privileges or root access to modify the backlight settings, as it directly interacts with the hardware. This ensures that changes are only made by authorized users.

Some graphical user interfaces (GUI) in Linux systems might provide a slider or control panel to adjust backlight brightness, but the backlight_control command line tool offers a more flexible and scriptable approach.

It is also possible to bind the backlight_control command to keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to quickly and conveniently adjust the brightness levels without opening a separate application or GUI.

The tool typically supports multiple displays, allowing users to modify the backlight brightness independently for each connected screen. This can be useful in multi-monitor setups or when using a laptop with an external monitor.

backlight_control often provides feedback or notifications indicating the current brightness level, ensuring users have a visual representation of the changes made to the backlight.

The tool may also support additional features such as smoothing transitions between brightness levels, setting a default brightness at startup, or providing a way to disable or enable the backlight entirely.

Overall, backlight_control is a versatile command line tool that provides a straightforward method of controlling backlight brightness on various devices, offering customization options and flexibility to users.

List of commands for backlight_control:

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