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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool betterlockscreen. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


betterlockscreen is a command line tool for customizing and enhancing lock screens on Linux operating systems. It provides various features and functionalities to create personalized lock screens. The tool allows users to select and apply different wallpapers or images as lock screens, giving a unique aesthetic touch to the system's login screen.

betterlockscreen supports different image formats, including PNG, JPEG, and GIF, making it versatile for use with various types of images. It also allows users to apply image filters and effects, such as blur or grayscale, to customize the appearance of the lock screen further.

Users can configure betterlockscreen to display additional information on the lock screen, such as time, date, weather forecasts, or system information, providing useful details without needing to unlock the system. The tool also lets users customize the position, font, and color of the displayed information.

Integration with external applications is supported, allowing users to display dynamic content like album covers or recent wallpapers on the lock screen. Furthermore, users can set a custom image as the lock screen for each user on the system, providing individualized experiences.

betterlockscreen is highly customizable through a configuration file, which enables users to tweak and fine-tune all aspects of the lock screen appearance and behavior. It is actively maintained and receives regular updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest Linux distributions and bug fixes.

The tool is accessible through the command line, offering a simple and flexible way for users to manage and apply changes to their lock screens. It does not require any graphical user interface, making it lightweight and suitable for resource-constrained systems or headless servers.

Overall, betterlockscreen is an efficient and feature-rich command line tool to enhance the lock screen experience on Linux, allowing users to customize and personalize their systems to their preferred aesthetics and information requirements.

List of commands for betterlockscreen:

tool overview