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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool bird. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Bird is a command line tool used for managing and monitoring the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon. BIRD is a dynamic routing daemon used in computer networks to exchange routing information and make routing decisions. It is most commonly used in Unix-like operating systems.

Bird, as a command line tool, allows administrators to interact with the BIRD daemon and perform various tasks such as configuration management, route table updates, and monitoring. Some of the key features of the Bird command line tool include:

  1. Configuration management: Bird provides commands to configure and modify the routing protocol parameters, define routing tables, and set up the neighbor relationships for exchanging routing information.

  2. Route table manipulation: The command line tool allows administrators to manipulate the route tables maintained by the BIRD daemon. This includes adding or removing routes, modifying route attributes, and examining the current state of the routing tables.

  3. Monitoring and debugging: Bird enables administrators to monitor the behavior of the BIRD daemon by providing various commands for examining the protocol state, checking the status of individual neighbors, and debugging any potential issues or errors.

  4. Integration with other tools: Bird can be integrated with other command line tools or scripts through its comprehensive interface. This allows administrators to automate tasks, export routing information to external systems, or build custom monitoring and management solutions.

Overall, the Bird command line tool provides a flexible and powerful interface to manage and monitor the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon, making it a valuable tool for network administrators and engineers.

List of commands for bird:

tool overview