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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool brightness. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The "brightness" command line tool is a utility program designed for adjusting the brightness of the display on a computer. It is commonly used on operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows.

This tool allows users to modify the brightness level of their monitor or screen to suit their preferences or specific requirements. It can be handy in various scenarios, such as reducing the brightness in low-light situations or increasing it for better visibility in bright environments.

The brightness command line tool usually provides a simple syntax, allowing users to set the brightness to a specific value within a defined range. The range can vary depending on the hardware and software limitations of the system.

Additionally, some versions of this tool may offer additional options, such as gradually transitioning the brightness level or adjusting the color temperature to reduce eye strain. These features enhance the user experience, especially during extended computer usage sessions.

Typically, the brightness command line tool is executed through the terminal or command prompt by entering the appropriate command and its parameters. It requires appropriate user privileges, such as administrator or root access, to modify the system settings successfully.

In summary, the brightness command line tool is a versatile utility that enables users to conveniently adjust the brightness of their monitor or screen through the command line interface, offering customization options for improved visual comfort and usability.

List of commands for brightness:

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