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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool cc. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


cc, or "C Compiler", is a command line tool used for compiling C programming language code. It is the default compiler for many Unix-like operating systems and is widely used for its simplicity and efficiency. Developed by Dennis Ritchie, cc is part of the original Unix toolchain and has been adapted for various platforms.

The cc command takes input files written in C and compiles them into executable machine code files that can run on the target system. It performs several compilation stages, including preprocessing, compilation, assembly, and linking, to generate the final executable.

cc offers various options and flags to customize the compilation process, allowing developers to optimize code, include libraries, define symbols, and specify output file names. These options enable fine-grained control over the compilation process, making cc a versatile tool for building C applications.

While originally designed for the C language, cc is often extended to support newer C standards, such as C89, C99, and C11. It can handle both small and large projects, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The output of cc is an executable file that can be run directly on the target system. The tool leverages the underlying platform's hardware and operating system capabilities to generate efficient and optimized machine code.

To use cc, developers need to have it installed on their system, either as part of the operating system or by separately installing a C compiler package. Once installed, the tool can be run from the command line by simply typing "cc" followed by the appropriate options and input files.

While cc is highly efficient and widely used, it does not perform any static analysis or optimization of the code during compilation. For more advanced optimizations and analysis, developers often utilize other tools in conjunction with cc to improve performance and catch potential errors.

Overall, cc is a powerful and widely adopted command line tool for compiling C code, making it an essential component of the software development process for C-based applications.

List of commands for cc:

  • flex:tldr:c641b flex: Compile a C file generated by flex.
    $ cc ${path-to-lex-yy-c} --output ${executable}
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