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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool cgexec. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


cgexec is a command line tool available in Linux operating systems used for managing and controlling resource allocations for processes through control groups (cgroups). It allows users to assign specific system resources, such as CPU, memory, and I/O, to groups of processes.

With cgexec, you can create control groups and limit the consumption of system resources for processes within those groups. This helps ensure fair resource distribution among different processes running on the system.

The tool facilitates isolation and prioritization of processes, allowing you to assign more resources to critical processes to prevent them from being starved by others. By setting resource limits, you can prevent certain processes from hogging all available system resources, thus promoting stability and performance.

cgexec supports various resource controllers, including CPU, memory, I/O, network, and more. This provides flexibility in controlling different aspects of system resource usage according to specific requirements.

By utilizing cgroups, cgexec enables efficient resource management without modifying the actual process code. This allows for easy configurability and dynamic allocation of resources based on changing needs.

The command line tool also supports hierarchical organization of control groups, enabling system administrators to create a structured hierarchy for managing resource allocations.

cgexec provides a simple syntax, with options to specify the control group, the command to be executed within that group, and any additional arguments or parameters.

It offers detailed monitoring and statistics for each control group, allowing users to monitor resource usage and adjust allocations as needed.

cgexec can be particularly useful in scenarios where multiple applications are running simultaneously, or when you need to limit the impact of resource-intensive processes on the overall system performance.

Overall, cgexec is a powerful command line tool for efficient resource management and control over processes, enabling optimal usage of system resources and improved overall system performance.

List of commands for cgexec:

  • cgexec:tldr:b57ae cgexec: Execute a process in a given cgroup with given controller.
    $ cgexec -g ${controller}:${cgroup_name} ${process_name}
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