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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool compose. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Compose is a powerful command line tool used for managing and deploying containers. Developed by Docker, it allows users to define and run multi-container applications with a simple YAML file called a Compose file.

  1. Compose simplifies the process of deploying containers by providing a declarative syntax for defining multiple services, networks, and volumes.
  2. It supports the orchestration of complex applications by allowing users to specify the relationships and dependencies between containers.
  3. Compose allows developers to define the configuration of services such as image, environment variables, volumes, and ports.
  4. It supports the ability to scale services up or down easily, allowing for efficient load balancing.
  5. Compose enables developers to define networks and specify connectivity between containers.
  6. It supports the creation of custom networks to isolate and secure different components of an application.
  7. Compose provides a command line interface for managing the lifecycle of containers, including starting, stopping, and removing containers.
  8. It offers the ability to manage application dependencies by specifying different versions or tags of container images.
  9. Compose can integrate with other command line tools, such as Docker Swarm, to provide an even more powerful orchestration solution.
  10. Compose is widely used in development environments, allowing developers to replicate production-like environments on their local machines easily.

List of commands for compose:

  • compose:tldr:53510 compose: Compose action can be used to compose any existing file or new on default mailcap edit tool.
    $ compose ${filename}
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tool overview