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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool createrepo. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Createrepo is a command line tool used to create a repository (metadata) for RPM packages. It is typically used in Linux distributions to generate a local repository for package management.

The tool allows users to create and update repository metadata using multiple file formats, including XML or SQLite databases. It works in conjunction with the yum package manager to enable efficient package management on RPM-based systems.

With createrepo, users can add RPM packages to a repository, remove packages, or update packages by running a simple command. This ensures that the repository always contains the latest versions of the packages available.

Createrepo performs various tasks such as generating primary, filelists, and other metadata files required by the package manager. It also organizes packages into groups and categories, making it easier for users to search and install specific packages.

The tool supports both local and remote repositories, allowing administrators to host a repository on a local server or make it available over the network. This enables users to install packages from the repository directly, improving system administration and software distribution.

Createrepo is highly customizable, allowing users to specify various options and settings while creating the repository. These options include compression formats, metadata locations, file exclusions, caching options, and more, providing flexibility in managing repositories.

By using createrepo, system administrators can create a local repository to store RPM packages, ensuring easy access and installation of software across multiple systems. It simplifies package management and helps maintain system consistency within an organization.

The tool is widely adopted and supported within the Linux community, making it a trusted and reliable choice for creating and managing RPM repositories.

Createrepo is open source software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), allowing users to modify and distribute it freely. Its source code is available to the community, ensuring transparency and collaborative development.

List of commands for createrepo:

  • createrepo:tldr:690cb createrepo: Initialize a repository, exclude test RPMs and display verbose logs.
    $ createrepo -v -x ${test_*-rpm} ${path-to-directory}
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  • createrepo:tldr:a61c2 createrepo: Initialize a repository, using SHA1 as the checksum algorithm, and ignoring symbolic links.
    $ createrepo -S -s ${sha1} ${path-to-directory}
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  • createrepo:tldr:cb605 createrepo: Initialize a basic repository in a directory.
    $ createrepo ${path-to-directory}
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tool overview