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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool cryfs-unmount. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Cryfs-unmount is a command line tool used to unmount CryFS encrypted file systems. It is primarily designed for Unix-like systems, including Linux and macOS. CryFS is a cryptographic file system that encrypts files using symmetric encryption and protects data integrity with authenticated encryption. The cryfs-unmount command is used to safely unmount and detach a CryFS file system that has been previously mounted. By unmounting the file system, all the encrypted data becomes inaccessible, providing an additional layer of security. Running cryfs-unmount requires administrative privileges or being the user who mounted the file system initially. If there are any open files or processes accessing the mounted file system, the unmounting process may fail. In such cases, it is recommended to close all applications using the file system before attempting to unmount it. The tool verifies the provided path to ensure that it corresponds to a valid CryFS file system, and if not, it throws an error message. Cryfs-unmount also provides an option to forcefully unmount the file system if it is stuck or unresponsive, but this should be used with caution as it can result in data corruption or loss. Overall, cryfs-unmount enhances the security and privacy of CryFS encrypted file systems by allowing users to conveniently unmount and protect their sensitive data.

List of commands for cryfs-unmount:

tool overview