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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool diff-pdf. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


diff-pdf is a command line tool that allows you to compare two PDF files and highlight the differences between them. It is primarily used for visual comparison of PDF documents in order to identify changes in their layout, content, or any other modifications made.

Here are some key features of diff-pdf:

  1. Comparison modes: It offers two comparison modes - pixel-based comparison and text-based comparison. The pixel-based mode identifies visual differences in the layout, while the text-based mode focuses on differences in the text content.

  2. Highlighting differences: diff-pdf highlights the variations between the two PDF files using different colors, making it easy to spot the changes on the visual or textual level.

  3. Command line interface: It is designed as a command line tool, which allows for easy automation and integration with other tools or scripts.

  4. Platform compatibility: diff-pdf is available for various platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS, making it accessible to users across different operating systems.

  5. Configuration options: The tool provides several configuration options, allowing users to customize the comparison process based on their requirements. These options include adjusting the comparison tolerance, choosing the comparison mode, specifying the output format, and more.

  6. Extensibility: diff-pdf provides an API that can be used by developers to integrate the comparison functionality into their own applications or workflow.

Overall, diff-pdf is a useful command line tool for visually comparing PDF files and identifying differences in their content or layout. It can be particularly helpful for tasks such as reviewing document revisions, tracking changes in legal documents, or verifying the accuracy of generated PDFs.

List of commands for diff-pdf:

  • diff-pdf:tldr:e2d76 diff-pdf: Compare PDFs, indicating changes using return codes (`0` = no difference, `1` = PDFs differ).
    $ diff-pdf ${path-to-a-pdf} ${path-to-b-pdf}
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  • diff-pdf:tldr:e2e34 diff-pdf: Compare PDFs, viewing differences in a simple GUI.
    $ diff-pdf --view ${path-to-a-pdf} ${path-to-b-pdf}
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  • diff-pdf:tldr:f29f1 diff-pdf: Compare PDFs, outputting a PDF with visually highlighted differences.
    $ diff-pdf --output-diff=${path-to-diff-pdf} ${path-to-a-pdf} ${path-to-b-pdf}
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tool overview