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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool distrobox-upgrade. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Distrobox-upgrade is a command line tool used for upgrading Linux distributions. It is designed to simplify the process of upgrading a Linux distribution to a newer release. The tool automates many of the steps involved, making the upgrade process faster and more efficient.

Distrobox-upgrade supports various Linux distributions, including popular ones like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian. It provides a standardized upgrade process across different distributions, ensuring a consistent experience.

With distrobox-upgrade, users can easily upgrade their entire system, including the kernel, system packages, and application software. It ensures that all software components are updated to their latest versions, improving security, stability, and performance.

This tool performs pre-upgrade checks to ensure a smooth upgrade process. It checks for available updates, resolves dependencies, and handles conflicts intelligently. Distrobox-upgrade helps to minimize the possibility of system issues or broken packages after the upgrade.

A key feature of distrobox-upgrade is the ability to roll back the upgrade if any problems occur. It creates a snapshot of the system before the upgrade process begins, allowing users to revert back to the previous state if anything goes wrong.

Distrobox-upgrade provides a user-friendly interface, with clear instructions and progress updates during the upgrade process. It aims to make the upgrade experience more accessible to all users, both beginners and experienced Linux users.

The tool also offers advanced options for customization and fine-tuning of the upgrade process. Users can define specific packages or repositories to include or exclude, allowing for tailored upgrades based on specific requirements.

Distrobox-upgrade is actively maintained and regularly updated, ensuring compatibility with the latest Linux distributions and software updates. It keeps pace with the evolving Linux ecosystem, providing a reliable and up-to-date upgrade solution.

This command line tool is often preferred by experienced Linux users and system administrators who prefer the efficiency and control offered by a command line interface. However, it is designed to be accessible to all users, regardless of their level of expertise.

In summary, distrobox-upgrade is a powerful command line tool that simplifies and automates the process of upgrading Linux distributions. It ensures a smooth and hassle-free upgrade experience, with features such as pre-upgrade checks, rollback options, and customization capabilities.

List of commands for distrobox-upgrade:

  • distrobox-upgrade:tldr:bbbc9 distrobox-upgrade: Upgrade a container using the container's native package manager.
    $ distrobox-upgrade ${container_name}
    try on your machine
    explain this command
  • distrobox-upgrade:tldr:c418b distrobox-upgrade: Upgrade all containers using the container's native package managers.
    $ distrobox-upgrade --all
    try on your machine
    explain this command
tool overview