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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool dive. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Dive is a command line tool that allows users to explore and analyze Docker images layer by layer. It provides a helpful interface to delve into the individual layers and files within the Docker image, enabling users to understand how the image is structured and identify potential issues or optimizations.

With Dive, you can see the content of each layer, its size, and any changes made to it. This provides valuable insights about the image and helps identify the reasons for large image sizes or unnecessary layers. Dive also highlights potential security vulnerabilities by flagging sensitive files that might be included in the image, making it a useful tool for security audits.

The tool presents an interactive interface with a clear visualization of the layer stack, making it simple to navigate between layers and files. Users can easily jump to specific files, view file contents, and compare changes between layers. Additionally, Dive calculates a summary of the image, providing an overview of its total size, the number of layers, and the amount of unneeded files.

Dive's CLI commands are straightforward and include options to exclude files, sections, or specific layers. It also generates a JSON report of the analyzed image, enabling automation or integration with other tools.

Overall, Dive is a valuable tool for Docker image inspection, enabling users to optimize images by removing unnecessary layers, reducing image size, and ensuring secure image composition.

List of commands for dive:

tool overview