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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool dropbearkey. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Dropbearkey is a command-line tool used for creating and managing RSA and DSS keys for the Dropbear SSH server. It provides a convenient way to generate and manipulate cryptographic keys required for securing SSH connections.

  1. Dropbearkey is typically installed alongside the Dropbear SSH server and is commonly found in Unix-like operating systems.
  2. It enables system administrators to generate both RSA and DSS key pairs in OpenSSH format.
  3. With Dropbearkey, you can easily generate new SSH host keys or user keys.
  4. It supports key sizes of 512, 1024, 2048, and 3072 bits for RSA, and 512 and 1024 bits for DSS.
  5. Dropbearkey's primary purpose is to generate keys securely without the need for a complete SSH server installation.
  6. It utilizes a cryptographically secure random number generator to generate entropy for key generation.
  7. The tool provides options for generating keys in both PEM and DROPBEAR formats.
  8. Dropbearkey allows key generation to be executed in batch mode, facilitating automated key generation processes.
  9. It includes the ability to change the passphrase used to protect encrypted private keys.
  10. Dropbearkey is generally used by administrators to create and manage SSH keys for securing remote access and file transfers via the Dropbear SSH server.

List of commands for dropbearkey:

  • dropbearkey:tldr:7f8f8 dropbearkey: Generate an SSH key of [t]ype RSA with 4096-bit key [s]ize and write it to key [f]ile.
    $ dropbearkey -t ${rsa} -s ${4096} -f ${path-to-key_file}
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  • dropbearkey:tldr:c94df dropbearkey: Print the private key fingerprint and public key in key [f]ile.
    $ dropbearkey -y -f ${path-to-key_file}
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  • dropbearkey:tldr:e6abd dropbearkey: Generate an SSH key of [t]ype ed25519 and write it to key [f]ile.
    $ dropbearkey -t ${ed25519} -f ${path-to-key_file}
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tool overview