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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool eopkg. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


eopkg is a command line tool used in Solus and its derivatives, such as Budgie and Evolve OS, as a package manager. It is designed specifically for these operating systems for efficient package installation, management, and removal.

  1. eopkg is the primary package manager used in the Solus Linux distribution. It serves as a centralized tool to handle the installation, update, and removal of software packages.
  2. eopkg supports the management of both binary and source packages, making it flexible for handling various software needs.
  3. The command line interface of eopkg allows for efficient usage and automation through scripts or package management tools.
  4. With eopkg, users can search for packages, view package details, and find information about installed packages, which facilitates easy discovery and management of software.
  5. eopkg provides a history log of performed package operations, enabling users to track changes made to the system.
  6. It utilizes a dependency resolver to handle package dependencies and ensures the installation or removal of packages does not break the system.
  7. eopkg integrates with the Solus software repositories, providing access to a wide range of curated packages maintained by the Solus team.
  8. The package manager supports different package operations, including upgrades, downgrades, and the ability to install packages from specific repository branches.
  9. It offers a command to verify the integrity of installed packages, allowing users to ensure the security and authenticity of their software.
  10. eopkg is actively maintained and regularly updated by the Solus team, ensuring the tool remains reliable and up to date with the latest package management capabilities.

List of commands for eopkg:

tool overview