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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool fc-match. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The command line tool "fc-match" is used to match available fonts on a Linux system based on certain criteria. It helps in determining the closest matching font for a given pattern or set of attributes.

Here are a few notable features of fc-match:

  1. Font matching: fc-match allows you to match fonts based on various attributes such as font name, family, style, weight, and size.

  2. Configurable priority: Fonts are matched based on the priority set in the fontconfig configuration files. These files define the order in which fonts are considered for matching.

  3. Pattern matching: fc-match supports pattern matching, enabling you to search for fonts that contain a specific keyword or pattern in their names or attributes.

  4. Substitution: If an exact match is not found, fc-match can find the closest matching font by applying font substitution rules defined in the fontconfig configuration files.

  5. Easy-to-use: The tool is user-friendly and has a simple syntax. You can easily specify the criteria for font matching as command line arguments.

Overall, fc-match is a handy command line tool for font matching and selection on Linux systems, making it easier to choose the most suitable font for specific applications or documents.

List of commands for fc-match:

  • fc-match:tldr:e6ef8 fc-match: Return a sorted list of best matching fonts.
    $ fc-match -s '${DejaVu Serif}'
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tool overview