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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool fprintd-delete. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The command line tool "fprintd-delete" is a utility that is used to delete fingerprint records in a Linux system.

  1. "fprintd-delete" is part of the "fprintd" package, which provides support for fingerprint authentication on Linux systems.
  2. It allows users with administrative privileges to remove fingerprint records associated with specific users.
  3. The tool is commonly used in scenarios where a user wants to remove their fingerprint records, either due to privacy concerns or when they no longer require fingerprint authentication.
  4. The command requires the user to specify the username of the user whose fingerprint records are to be deleted.
  5. It typically follows the syntax: "fprintd-delete [OPTIONS] USERNAME".
  6. "fprintd-delete" can only be executed by users with administrative privileges or with the "sudo" command.
  7. The tool communicates with the Fingerprint Authentication Daemon ("fprintd") to delete the fingerprint records.
  8. Along with the fingerprint records, associated metadata such as confidence levels and accuracy scores are also deleted.
  9. Deleting fingerprint records does not disable fingerprint authentication for the user. It only removes the specific fingerprint data.
  10. Overall, "fprintd-delete" provides a convenient and secure way to manage fingerprint records for users on Linux systems.

List of commands for fprintd-delete:

tool overview