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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool gdaldem. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


  1. gdaldem is a command line tool in the GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) software suite.
  2. It stands for "GDAL Digital Elevation Model (DEM) utility" and is mainly used for processing and analyzing digital elevation models.
  3. The tool provides a wide range of capabilities for visualizing and manipulating DEM data.
  4. gdaldem consists of various modules that can generate different types of derived images from DEMs.
  5. Some of the available modules include hillshade, color relief, slope, aspect, terrain ruggedness, and contour generation.
  6. The hillshade module is often used to create shaded relief images, simulating the illumination effects of the sun on the terrain.
  7. The color relief module allows users to assign colors to different elevation values, creating visually appealing representations of elevation data.
  8. gdaldem's slope module calculates the slope of the terrain, providing insight into the steepness of the landscape.
  9. The tool's contour module is used to generate contour lines, which are commonly utilized in cartography and land surveying.
  10. gdaldem is a powerful and versatile tool for processing DEMs, making it a valuable asset for various applications such as geospatial analysis, visualization, and cartography.

List of commands for gdaldem:

  • gdaldem:tldr:377fc gdaldem: Compute the aspect of a DEM.
    $ gdaldem aspect ${path-to-input-tif} ${path-to-output-tif}
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  • gdaldem:tldr:96656 gdaldem: Compute the hillshade of a DEM.
    $ gdaldem hillshade ${path-to-input-tif} ${path-to-output-tif}
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  • gdaldem:tldr:fc8ca gdaldem: Compute the slope of a DEM.
    $ gdaldem slope ${path-to-input-tif} ${path-to-output-tif}
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tool overview