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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool getprop. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


getprop is a command line tool commonly used in the Android operating system. It allows users to retrieve system properties from an Android device. System properties are key-value pairs that provide information about various aspects of the device, such as build details, hardware configurations, and runtime environment.

The getprop command, when executed in the shell, displays a list of all available system properties and their corresponding values. These properties can include information about the device model, Android version, board type, manufacturer, network configurations, and much more.

System properties can be accessed and utilized by developers for various purposes. They can help in determining device capabilities, making decisions based on specific hardware configurations, or customizing application behavior based on the device's characteristics.

The getprop command is particularly useful for troubleshooting purposes, as it enables users to quickly obtain valuable information about the device without the need for additional tools or applications. By examining system properties, users can gather insights into the device's configuration and resolve compatibility issues or bugs.

The getprop command is frequently used in conjunction with other command line tools, allowing users to parse, filter, or manipulate the output for further processing or automation.

Overall, getprop is a powerful command line tool that plays a crucial role in accessing and understanding system properties on Android devices, helping developers, users, and technicians in various scenarios.

List of commands for getprop:

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