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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool git-imerge. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


git-imerge is a command line tool used in Git version control system to perform incremental merges. It is a powerful utility that helps in managing and merging long-lived branches efficiently.

Unlike traditional merge operations, which create a single merge commit combining all the changes from one branch into another, git-imerge performs incremental merges. It breaks down the merging process into small, manageable steps, allowing developers to merge one commit at a time and test each step independently. This incremental approach helps in easier debugging and identification of issues during the merge process.

With git-imerge, developers can cherry-pick commits from one branch to another. It provides a guided interface where the tool walks through each commit, allowing the user to confirm or skip them. It also supports automating the merge process by using a script.

One of the key advantages of git-imerge is the ability to perform partial merges. It allows developers to select and merge only specific changes from a commit, ignoring other unrelated modifications. This feature enhances flexibility while merging and helps in isolating and testing specific changes.

Overall, git-imerge simplifies the merging process by breaking it down into incremental steps, allowing for more controlled and granular merges. It is a valuable tool for managing complex branch merging scenarios in large codebases.

List of commands for git-imerge:

  • git-imerge:tldr:e2d36 git-imerge: Abort imerge operation, and return to the previous branch.
    $ git-imerge remove && git checkout ${previous_branch}
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tool overview