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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool gitsome. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Gitsome is a command line tool specifically designed to enhance the Git experience. It is primarily focused on providing a more intuitive and efficient workflow for navigating and managing Git repositories.

Some key features of Gitsome include:

  1. Enhanced Command Aliases: Gitsome offers a set of user-friendly command aliases for common Git operations. These aliases make it easier to remember and execute complex Git commands with shorter and more intuitive syntax.

  2. Detailed Git Logs: Gitsome provides improved log visualization, allowing you to view Git commit history in a more readable and informative format. It displays commit hashes, commit messages, author information, timestamps, and other useful details.

  3. Interactive Menu Navigation: Gitsome includes an interactive menu that assists users in navigating through different Git operations. It provides a visual representation of various Git commands and options, making it easier to select the desired action.

  4. GitHub Integration: Gitsome seamlessly integrates with GitHub, allowing you to interact with GitHub repositories directly from the command line. It provides features like creating and managing repositories, opening pull requests, reviewing issues, and more.

  5. Intelligent Auto-completion: Gitsome offers auto-completion support, making it convenient to type Git commands and options. It dynamically suggests and completes Git subcommands, branch names, filenames, and other relevant data as you type, saving time and reducing typing errors.

Overall, Gitsome aims to improve the Git experience by reducing the learning curve, improving productivity, and providing a more user-friendly interface for interacting with Git repositories from the command line.

List of commands for gitsome:

  • gitsome:tldr:f2950 gitsome: Enter the gitsome shell (optional), to enable autocompletion and interactive help for Git (and gh) commands.
    $ gitsome
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tool overview