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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool gprinstall. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


gprinstall is a powerful command-line tool used in the Ada programming language for installing Ada projects and their dependencies. It is typically used in conjunction with the GNAT programming environment. Here are some important points about gprinstall:

  1. Gprinstall is part of the GNAT toolchain developed by AdaCore, the company behind GNAT. It is primarily designed for the Ada community.
  2. The purpose of gprinstall is to automate the installation process of Ada projects and their associated libraries.
  3. It uses a project file format called GPR (GNAT Project File) to define the project structure, dependencies, and installation details.
  4. Gprinstall reads the GPR project files to determine the files needed for installation, including source code, configuration files, and resources.
  5. It also resolves dependencies listed in the GPR files and installs the required libraries and dependencies along with the main project.
  6. Gprinstall provides options for specifying installation directories, allowing users to customize the installation process.
  7. It supports various installation modes including a local installation (default) where the project is installed to the local system, and a relocatable installation where the project can be installed to a different location and used from there.
  8. Gprinstall supports incremental installations, meaning it can be used to only install new or modified files, enhancing build speed and reducing unnecessary installations.
  9. It can also generate installation scripts for automating the installation process on different platforms.
  10. Gprinstall is a versatile tool often used in build systems and package management for Ada projects, ensuring consistent and reliable installations across different environments.

List of commands for gprinstall:

  • gprbuild:tldr:d02a5 gprbuild: Install compiled binaries.
    $ gprinstall --prefix ${path-to-installation-dir}
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tool overview