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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool jobs. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The "jobs" command is a built-in command in Unix-like operating systems, including Linux and macOS. It is used to display a list of all currently running jobs in the background or suspended state from the current shell session.

When you execute a command in the shell, it either runs in the foreground (blocking the shell until it finishes) or in the background (allowing you to continue using the shell). The jobs command allows you to view the status of all background jobs currently associated with the shell.

The output of the jobs command includes a unique job ID, the current status of the job (running, stopped, or terminated), and the command or job description associated with it.

Using the job ID provided by the jobs command, you can perform various operations on the job, such as bringing it to the foreground using the "fg" command or terminating it using the "kill" command followed by the job ID.

If a job is suspended, it means it has been temporarily halted and can be resumed using the "bg" command to continue running it in the background or the "fg" command to bring it to the foreground.

The jobs command also provides a job ID for each job, which is useful for referring to specific jobs when executing other commands or managing processes.

By default, the jobs command lists the jobs associated with the current shell session. However, you can also use the jobs command with specific options to list jobs from other shell sessions or filter jobs based on their status.

The jobs command can be helpful in managing and monitoring background processes and allows you to easily check the status of jobs running on your system.

To exit a shell session without terminating background jobs, you can use the "disown" command followed by the job ID to remove the job from the shell's control.

Overall, the jobs command provides an effective way to manage and control background jobs within a Unix-like operating system's shell environment.

List of commands for jobs:

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