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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool k8s-unused-secret-detector. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


"K8s-unused-secret-detector" is a command line tool used in the context of Kubernetes (K8s) to detect and identify unused secrets. The tool scans a Kubernetes cluster to identify any secrets that have not been referenced by any pods or services running in the cluster. By detecting such secrets, the tool helps enhance security and reduces the attack surface by flagging secrets that are potentially unused or forgotten, decreasing the risk of accidental exposure. The tool utilizes the Kubernetes API to gather information about pods and services and cross-references it with the existing secrets in the cluster. When running the tool, it provides a report that lists all the unused secrets found, allowing administrators to take necessary actions such as revoking or deleting these secrets. The tool supports both single-cluster and multi-cluster environments, making it flexible and adaptive to various Kubernetes deployment scenarios. It is an open-source tool and can be customized and extended according to specific requirements and environments. Using k8s-unused-secret-detector regularly as part of a security best practice routine helps maintain a well-maintained and secure Kubernetes environment. The tool can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines or used as a standalone tool in a manual security audit process. With its simplicity and effectiveness, the k8s-unused-secret-detector tool makes it easier for administrators and developers to maintain good security practices within their Kubernetes clusters.

List of commands for k8s-unused-secret-detector:

tool overview