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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool llvm-cat. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


llvm-cat is a command line tool included in the LLVM project, which is an open-source compiler infrastructure.

The purpose of llvm-cat is to display the content of LLVM intermediate representation (IR) files.

LLVM IR is an intermediate language used by LLVM compilers, and llvm-cat allows users to inspect and examine this IR code.

The tool supports multiple input formats, including bitcode files (.bc) and LLVM assembly files (.ll).

With llvm-cat, users can view the textual representation of the IR code, which can be helpful for understanding the transformations performed by LLVM.

llvm-cat can also display the disassembly of the IR code, providing the low-level instructions generated by optimization passes.

If the input file contains multiple modules, llvm-cat can concatenate and display all of them together.

The tool can be handy for debugging, as it allows developers to observe the generated code and identify potential issues.

llvm-cat comes with various options, such as printing the IR code in human-readable form or using machine-readable output for further processing.

Overall, llvm-cat is a versatile command line tool that aids in examining and studying the LLVM intermediate representation.

List of commands for llvm-cat:

  • llvm-cat:tldr:eef53 llvm-cat: Concatenate Bitcode files.
    $ llvm-cat ${filename1-bc} ${filename2-bc} -o ${path-to-out-bc}
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tool overview