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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool logger. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The logger command line tool is a powerful utility that allows users to create log messages within scripts or from the command line itself. It is commonly used in Unix-like operating systems to write messages to the system log files. The tool is typically located in the /usr/bin/ directory and can be accessed by users with appropriate permissions.

Logger provides a simple and efficient method for recording important information, debugging messages, or system events. It allows users to specify the log level, message priority, and the log facility that the message belongs to. This helps in organizing and filtering log messages based on their purpose or severity.

Users can customize the log format, including the timestamp, logging source, and message content. Logger also supports appending messages to a specific log file or sending them to a remote server. This flexibility makes it suitable for various logging needs in different scenarios.

The tool provides command line options to specify the log level, log facility, and log message. It can also read the log message from standard input or a file. This allows for easy integration with other scripts or applications, passing information to logger for logging purposes.

With logger, users can effectively monitor system activities, track errors, and gather significant data for troubleshooting purposes. It can be particularly useful for system administrators, developers, or anyone working with scripts or applications that require logging capabilities.

Logger ensures that log messages are stored in a central location, making it easy to review and analyze logs across multiple systems. It also simplifies log management, as log files can be rotated, compressed, or manipulated using other tools or scripts.

Furthermore, logger supports logging to various log files based on different log facilities, such as auth, cron, kern, mail, and more. It helps in categorizing logs and associating them with specific aspects of the system or application.

Overall, the logger command line tool is a versatile and reliable utility for generating log messages, facilitating efficient system monitoring, debugging, and diagnostics.

List of commands for logger:

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