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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool luac. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Luac is a command line tool used for compiling Lua source code into bytecode files. It is a part of the Lua programming language and is bundled with the Lua interpreter. The tool is primarily used to optimize Lua programs and improve their execution speed.

Luac takes Lua source files as input and generates bytecode files as output. This bytecode is a low-level representation of the Lua program that can be executed by the Lua interpreter. By pre-compiling code, luac eliminates the need for runtime parsing and parsing errors, thus increasing the overall performance of Lua programs.

In addition to bytecode generation, luac also performs some basic checks on the Lua source code, such as syntax validation and detecting potential errors. It provides feedback on any issues found, helping developers debug their code before running it.

Luac supports various command line options that allow developers to control the compilation process. These options include setting different Lua versions, controlling debug information inclusion, removing line number information, and more.

The compiled bytecode generated by luac is typically smaller than the corresponding Lua source code, promoting better memory utilization and faster code loading times. It also provides a level of obfuscation, as the bytecode is not human-readable.

While the main purpose of luac is to improve performance, it can also be used to distribute Lua programs without exposing the original source code. As the bytecode is platform-independent, it can be executed on any system with a compatible Lua interpreter.

Luac is a versatile tool that is widely used by Lua developers to enhance their applications' performance, secure their code, and facilitate distribution. Learning how to use luac effectively can result in significant improvements in Lua program execution.

List of commands for luac:

  • luac:tldr:6136a luac: Do not include debug symbols in the output.
    $ luac -s -o ${byte_code-luac} ${source-lua}
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  • luac:tldr:6c5ba luac: Compile a Lua source file to Lua bytecode.
    $ luac -o ${byte_code-luac} ${source-lua}
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tool overview