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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool lualatex. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


  1. lualatex is a command line tool used for typesetting documents using the LuaTeX engine.
  2. It is based on TeX, a popular typesetting system, and is a successor to pdfTeX.
  3. LuaTeX is known for its powerful scripting capabilities, as it integrates the Lua programming language into the TeX typesetting engine.
  4. Unlike other TeX engines, lualatex natively supports Unicode characters and OpenType fonts, making it suitable for multi-language and complex typography requirements.
  5. It provides extensive features for microtypography, such as character protrusion, font expansion, and optical margin alignment, resulting in improved document readability.
  6. lualatex allows for direct inclusion of external files, including graphics and complex mathematical equations.
  7. It supports various document types, including articles, reports, books, presentations, and posters, with customizable layouts and styles.
  8. lualatex can compile documents containing bibliographies and citations using the BibTeX or BibLaTeX systems.
  9. It offers extensive customization options through packages and user-defined commands, allowing fine-tuning of document appearance and behavior.
  10. lualatex is widely used in the academic and scientific communities, as well as by professional publishers, due to its advanced typographic capabilities and flexibility.

List of commands for lualatex:

  • lualatex:tldr:0a3e2 lualatex: Compile a Tex file without error interruption.
    $ lualatex -interaction nonstopmode ${filename-tex}
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  • lualatex:tldr:ba2d3 lualatex: Compile a Tex file to PDF.
    $ lualatex ${filename-tex}
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  • lualatex:tldr:bd161 lualatex: Compile a Tex file with a specific output file name.
    $ lualatex -jobname=${filename} ${filename-tex}
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tool overview