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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool lz4. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


LZ4 is a lossless compression algorithm and also a command line tool used for quick compression and decompression of data. It is known for its high compression speed, making it suitable for scenarios where fast compression and decompression operations are required.

The design of LZ4 focuses on providing excellent performance by leveraging a combination of efficient compression algorithms and optimized memory access patterns. It achieves this by using a combination of a sliding window and a hash table to encode and decode data efficiently.

The LZ4 command line tool allows users to compress or decompress files using the LZ4 algorithm. It is widely supported across different operating systems and programming languages.

Compression with LZ4 is extremely fast, allowing it to compress data at a rate of multiple gigabytes per second on modern hardware. However, the compression ratio achieved by LZ4 may not be as high as some other algorithms optimized for better compression ratios.

LZ4 compression is known for its low memory requirements, making it suitable for low-memory systems or scenarios where memory usage needs to be minimized. It achieves this by using a minimal amount of memory for compression and decompression operations.

The LZ4 command line tool provides various options and parameters to customize compression settings or enable features such as checksums for data integrity checks during compression and decompression.

LZ4 is often used in real-time applications, big data processing, and any situation requiring fast I/O operations. It is commonly used within the Hadoop ecosystem for data compression.

The LZ4 command line tool supports multi-threaded compression and decompression, utilizing all available CPU cores for parallel processing, further enhancing its performance.

Unlike some other compression algorithms, LZ4 is not suitable for achieving maximum compression ratios, especially when working with highly repetitive or already compressed data. In such cases, other algorithms like Gzip or Zstd may yield better results.

Overall, LZ4 is a versatile and efficient command line tool that offers fast compression and decompression, making it a popular choice for scenarios where speed is crucial.

List of commands for lz4:

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