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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mate-dictionary. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Mate-dictionary is a command line tool for the MATE desktop environment that allows users to conveniently search for word definitions and synonyms without leaving their terminal. It is designed to provide quick and efficient access to a vast collection of word data.

  1. This tool is specifically developed for the MATE desktop environment, making it an ideal choice for MATE users.
  2. It provides a simple and straightforward way to search for word definitions and synonyms directly from the command line interface.
  3. The mate-dictionary tool utilizes the WordNet lexical database, which contains a wide range of English words and their meanings.
  4. Users can search for word definitions by entering the word directly in the command line, without the need to open a separate dictionary application.
  5. The tool displays results in a well-organized manner, presenting the word's part of speech, its various definitions, and related synonyms.
  6. Users can also retrieve antonyms, hypernyms, and hyponyms for a given word using mate-dictionary.
  7. The tool provides a convenient and efficient way to enhance vocabulary, perform quick word lookups, and find synonyms or related words.
  8. Mate-dictionary allows users to explore different senses of a word, providing a deeper understanding of its varied meanings.
  9. It is an open-source tool, meaning that its source code can be accessed, modified, and distributed by the user community.
  10. Mate-dictionary is a valuable resource for language enthusiasts, writers, editors, and any user who frequently works with words and wants a command line dictionary tool integrated with the MATE desktop environment.

List of commands for mate-dictionary:

  • mate-dictionary:tldr:1ecf7 mate-dictionary: Show similar words for a specific one in a new window.
    $ mate-dictionary --match '${word}'
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  • mate-dictionary:tldr:87eb5 mate-dictionary: Print a specific word definition.
    $ mate-dictionary --no-window --look-up '${word}'
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tool overview