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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mh_copyright. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


The mh_copyright command line tool is a utility used to add copyright information to files in a directory. It is typically used in software development projects to easily update copyright notices.

The tool allows you to specify the copyright text, the start year, and the end year for your project. It then traverses the specified directory and adds the copyright information to relevant files.

It supports various file types including source code files, text files, and even binary files using customizable regular expressions. This makes it highly flexible and suitable for different project types.

The mh_copyright tool also provides options to exclude certain files or directories from being processed. This is particularly helpful if you want to exclude specific files that are not meant to be modified.

Furthermore, the tool has options to perform a dry run, which shows the changes that will be made without actually modifying any files. This allows you to review the changes before applying them.

It can also backup the files before making changes, ensuring you have a copy of the original files for reference or restoration purposes.

The tool is written in Python and is available as a command line interface (CLI) tool, making it accessible across different operating systems.

You can install the mh_copyright tool using package managers like pip or as part of a larger software package.

The tool is open source, meaning you can contribute to its development or modify it to suit your specific needs.

Overall, the mh_copyright command line tool simplifies the process of adding copyright information to multiple files in a directory, making it a valuable tool in software development projects.

List of commands for mh_copyright:

  • mh_copyright:tldr:9b8e9 mh_copyright: Update the year (range) to include the current year for the specified files.
    $ mh_copyright --primary-entity="${entity}" --update-year ${filename_or_directory1-m filename_or_director2-m ---}
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  • mh_copyright:tldr:c9ab0 mh_copyright: Update the year (range) to include the current year for all files.
    $ mh_copyright --primary-entity="${entity}" --update-year
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tool overview