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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mosquitto_passwd. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Mosquitto_passwd is a command line tool used to manage username and password authentication in the Mosquitto MQTT broker.

  1. It is specifically designed to create and manage password files for the Mosquitto MQTT broker, which is an open-source message broker that implements MQTT protocol versions 3.1 and 3.1.1.
  2. Mosquitto_passwd allows you to easily generate a password file and add usernames and corresponding passwords to it.
  3. The generated password file can be used by the Mosquitto broker to authenticate clients trying to connect to it.
  4. It uses a simple text-file format with one entry per line, where each entry includes the username and the password hash.
  5. The password hashes are stored in the password file to ensure the security of the passwords and avoid storing them in plain text.
  6. Mosquitto_passwd uses the bcrypt algorithm to hash passwords, which is a strong and secure password hashing algorithm.
  7. It provides functionality to add, modify, and delete username-password pairs in the password file.
  8. Additionally, it allows you to change the encryption algorithm or adjust the number of rounds for the bcrypt algorithm.
  9. The tool can be executed from the command line with various options to perform different operations such as adding users, changing passwords, and verifying username-password pairs.
  10. Mosquitto_passwd is a crucial tool for implementing secure MQTT communication by adding an additional layer of authentication to the MQTT broker.

List of commands for mosquitto_passwd:

  • mosquitto_passwd:tldr:1ac29 mosquitto_passwd: Upgrade an old plain-text password file to a hashed password file.
    $ mosquitto_passwd -U ${path-to-password_file}
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  • mosquitto_passwd:tldr:325f4 mosquitto_passwd: Create the password file if it doesn't already exist.
    $ mosquitto_passwd -c ${path-to-password_file} ${username}
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  • mosquitto_passwd:tldr:bc376 mosquitto_passwd: Add a new user to a password file (will prompt to enter the password).
    $ mosquitto_passwd ${path-to-password_file} ${username}
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tool overview