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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mp4box. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


MP4Box is a command line multimedia tool used for multiplexing, demultiplexing, and manipulating multimedia files in the MP4 format. It is developed and maintained by the French research institute, Télécom ParisTech.

MP4Box supports various operations, including creating, modifying, and analyzing MP4 files. It can merge multiple audio, video, and subtitle tracks into a single MP4 file, making it useful for combining media streams.

The tool also provides features for splitting MP4 files into smaller segments based on time or size, which is commonly used for streaming or distribution purposes.

MP4Box enables the extraction of individual streams from an MP4 file, allowing users to separate audio, video, or subtitle tracks for further processing or analysis.

It supports the addition of metadata to MP4 files, such as title, author, description, and more. This feature is particularly useful for organizing and categorizing multimedia files.

MP4Box provides capabilities for encryption and decryption of MP4 files using common encryption protocols like AES-128. This ensures the security and protection of sensitive multimedia content.

The tool incorporates error detection and repair mechanisms, allowing it to identify and fix issues within MP4 files, such as damaged or corrupted segments.

MP4Box offers options for inspecting the structure and properties of MP4 files, providing detailed information about the streams, codecs, and other metadata contained within the file.

It supports conversion of MP4 files to other multimedia formats, including AVI, MPEG, or 3GP, allowing users to adapt their content to different playback or editing environments.

MP4Box features support for subtitles in various formats, such as SubRip (SRT) or Timed Text Markup Language (TTML), allowing users to embed subtitles directly into MP4 files.

Overall, MP4Box is a versatile and powerful command line tool that serves as a Swiss army knife for working with MP4 multimedia files, offering a wide range of functions for manipulation, analysis, and adaptation.

List of commands for mp4box:

  • mp4box:tldr:46321 mp4box: Add an SRT subtitle file into an MP4 file.
    $ mp4box -add ${input_subs-srt}:lang=eng -add ${input-mp4} ${output-mp4}
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  • mp4box:tldr:871b0 mp4box: Combine audio from one file and video from another.
    $ mp4box -add ${input1-mp4}#audio -add ${input2-mp4}#video ${output-mp4}
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  • mp4box:tldr:90f64 mp4box: Display information about an existing MP4 file.
    $ mp4box -info ${filename}
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