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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool mpicc. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


mpicc is a command line tool that stands for "Message Passing Interface Compiler." It is primarily used for compiling and linking programs written in the Message Passing Interface (MPI) programming model. MPI is a standardized message-passing library that allows distributed parallel programming on multiple processors or even multiple computers.

The mpicc tool is typically used in High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments, where parallel computing and efficient message passing is crucial. It is part of a larger software package known as MPICH, which is one of the most popular implementations of the MPI standard.

With mpicc, developers can compile and link MPI programs written in languages like C, C++, or Fortran. It automatically handles the necessary flags, libraries, and dependencies required for MPI-based applications. This makes it easier for programmers to develop and test their parallel programs without worrying about the intricacies of the underlying MPI implementation.

One of the key features of mpicc is its ability to support various MPI implementations, such as Open MPI or Intel MPI, by simply changing the underlying compiler. This flexibility allows developers to choose the most suitable MPI implementation for their specific needs.

MPICC also provides options for optimizing the performance of MPI programs, such as enabling compiler optimizations, specifying the number of processor cores to use, or configuring network communication settings. This helps ensure that the MPI programs execute as efficiently as possible.

Overall, mpicc is a versatile and essential command line tool for anyone working with MPI and parallel programming, enabling them to compile, link, and optimize their MPI-based applications efficiently.

List of commands for mpicc:

  • mpicc:tldr:3c763 mpicc: Compile and link source code in a single command.
    $ mpicc -o ${executable} ${filename-c}
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  • mpicc:tldr:689bd mpicc: Compile a source code file into an object file.
    $ mpicc -c ${filename-c}
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tool overview