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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool ntpq. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


ntpq is a command-line tool used for monitoring and troubleshooting Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. It allows network administrators to interact with an NTP server to check its status, query the current time, and analyze the server's performance.

With ntpq, users can view detailed information about the status of an NTP server, including its reachability, synchronization source, and peer status. It also provides statistics related to the server's performance, such as round-trip delay, jitter, and offset from the reference time source.

The tool further enables users to query multiple NTP servers simultaneously and compare their time outputs for accuracy. By analyzing the offset values, administrators can identify any discrepancies and adjust the NTP configuration accordingly to ensure accurate time synchronization across the network.

ntpq command-line options allow users to perform various operations, such as setting authentication keys for secure communication, adjusting the server's clock offset manually, forcing a resynchronization, and retrieving information from remote NTP servers.

The tool also supports robust filtering options, allowing users to display specific information, sort the results, and customize the output format for better readability.

Overall, ntpq is a powerful command-line utility that helps administrators monitor and manage NTP servers to ensure precise timekeeping and synchronization in network environments.

List of commands for ntpq:

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