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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool ocamlopt. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


Ocamlopt is a command-line tool commonly used in the OCaml programming language. It is the native code compiler for OCaml programs and is responsible for translating OCaml code into efficient machine code.

Developed as part of the OCaml compiler distribution, ocamlopt is known for producing highly optimized executables. It performs various optimization techniques, such as inlining, constant folding, and dead code elimination, to generate compact and fast-running binaries.

The ocamlopt command accepts OCaml source code files as input and produces executable files that can run directly on the target system without the need for an interpreter or runtime environment. This enables faster execution and better performance for OCaml applications.

Ocamlopt offers a range of options that allow developers to control the compilation process. These options include specifying optimization levels, target architecture, output file names, and linking external libraries.

The tool also provides support for profiling and debugging, allowing developers to generate profile information and debug symbols in the produced binaries. This helps in analyzing the performance of the code and identifying and fixing bugs.

Ocamlopt supports multi-threading and can generate multi-threaded executables, enabling parallel execution for OCaml programs that make use of concurrency.

In addition to generating standalone executables, ocamlopt can also produce object files, which can be linked with other object files or libraries to create larger applications.

Ocamlopt is cross-platform and can be used on various operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Ocamlopt is a powerful tool for OCaml developers, providing them with the ability to create efficient and high-performance native code applications. Its optimization capabilities and support for multi-threading make it an essential component in the OCaml development ecosystem.

By leveraging ocamlopt, developers can take full advantage of the OCaml language features while achieving optimal execution speed and resource utilization.

List of commands for ocamlopt:

  • ocamlopt:tldr:3442f ocamlopt: Compile a source file.
    $ ocamlopt -o ${path-to-binary} ${path-to-source_file-ml}
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  • ocamlopt:tldr:fcd11 ocamlopt: Compile with debugging enabled.
    $ ocamlopt -g -o ${path-to-binary} ${path-to-source_file-ml}
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tool overview