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On this page you find all important commands for the CLI tool opam. If the command you are looking for is missing please ask our AI.


OPAM, which stands for OCaml Package Manager, is a command line tool used for managing OCaml software packages. It is designed to simplify the installation, upgrade, and removal of OCaml libraries and applications.

  1. OPAM provides a centralized repository where users can access a wide range of OCaml packages.
  2. With OPAM, users can install different versions of packages and switch between them easily.
  3. It supports both the installation of binary packages and the compilation from source.
  4. OPAM manages package dependencies, ensuring that all required libraries are installed correctly.
  5. It offers sandboxing capabilities, allowing users to create isolated environments for their OCaml projects.
  6. OPAM has support for different package sources and can fetch packages from multiple repositories.
  7. It provides a flexible configuration system, allowing users to customize their OCaml environment.
  8. OPAM has a powerful query system, enabling users to search for packages based on various criteria.
  9. It supports package pinning, allowing users to freeze a particular package version for their projects.
  10. OPAM has a vibrant community and is widely used by OCaml developers for managing their software projects efficiently.

List of commands for opam:

tool overview